Initiated in 2020 when the world went into lockdown, Containment is a body of work born out of necessity. Staying at home along with most of the globe, and with the US political climate in turmoil, I began to reflect on how spaces hold us, not just by separating or restraining us in confinement (the predominant narrative at the time) but also in a protective and supportive way.

Unable to safely travel and work in my typical international locations, I spent time observing the corners and intersections in my home. I noticed the way the light appeared and disappeared through the day. Exploring confinement through my camera, I felt I was seeking detail and distinction that almost wasn’t there. The images produced are as nebulous as the feeling of lockdown.

These photographs were taken defocused in-camera to exaggerate the feeling of linear time disintegrating in quarantine and to generate an experience of warmth and safety.